Thursday, July 17

Red, White & Blue

Fourth of July cupcakes courtesy of Susan J.

A big thank you to our friends, Omar & MP, for hosting an awesome Fourth of July celebration! We had a great time at your house relaxing with good friends, delicious food & rockin' music!

And, thanks also to Camera Tamra for allowing me to steal her photos!! What would I do without you?!

Sam & Amberly, Tamra & Matt, MP & Omar
Oh no... we did NOT plan this!! We are just that cool!
(Blue, white, red... blue, white, red!)

Fourth of July Hot Mamas

More July 4th pics here...


Tam, Matt & Cade said...

You are such a sweetie! You know it is always my pleasure to take and share pictures. I'm so happy you appreciate them! Your blog always looks so nice; love reading your posts! Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging.

Gillian said...

We are trying to get a list of Expats in the area togeather for social meetings etc. Contact us if it is of interest.