Tuesday, August 5

Lemon Pepper Nostalgia

It's funny what can trigger a special memory from my childhood. This week, for instance, it was a certain seasoning. Lemon pepper. And not just any old lemon pepper, but only Adam's Lemon Pepper Seasoning. I'm not even convinced that was the seasoning we used growing up, but it's the only one that tastes familiar to me & takes me back to my childhood. Not Lawry's. Not McCormick. Only Adam's.

My grandmother, it seems, used to season anything & everything with lemon pepper. I loved it! It was kept on the dinner table, right along with the salt & pepper shakers. Last week, I steamed some zucchini, arranged the slices in a baking dish, sprinkled on the lemon pepper and covered it all with grated cheese... just like Grandmother does it. Perfection! I kept offering bites to my kids, who looked at me as if I were offering them liver. Not a one decided to take that trip down memory lane with me. I was all alone. I savored every single bite of lemony pepper cheesy zucchini solo & it was great!

My dad also used to make me egg sandwiches seasoned with lemon pepper. Mmmm! To this day, I cannot eat an egg sandwich without lemon pepper sprinkled on the egg. It just doesn't taste as good as Dad's without it! Toast, mayonnaise, lemon pepper & a fried egg. An excellent midnight snack!

I'm grateful that I have been able to find Adam's Lemon Pepper Seasoning in the Philippines. Any little thing to make my home here feel like home is treasured beyond words!


AKILEZ said...

I like that seasoning too.

As long it is seasoning I love them. One of my favorite is Knorr seasoning. you can buy those at the grocery stores looks like sao sauce but taste better

The Dentons said...

That is too fun! Do you want the Wylie Moms to put together a care package of the things you can't get there? I know more than a few people who would LOVE to do it! Send us the list girl and we will get started on the shopping!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you find the Lemon Pepper seasoning? I've searched in major supermarkets but failed to find one