Tuesday, August 26


As many of you know, I despise cats! Really, I do! I've never been fond of them... ever.

So, I shocked even myself (and especially Sam) when I took the time to care for 3 abandoned kittens the kids found in our backyard. Those kittens were pathetic sounding... mewing & crying for some love & attention. And, they got plenty of both from Sydney, Samuel & Nick. Seeing my 3 sweet kiddos treat these tiny animals so lovingly softened my heart a bit. I found a box & an old towel & created a cozy, warm home away from the torrential rain. We diligently put out warm milk & a plate of crushed up tuna for a couple of days. The kids would wake up & immediately go sit on the back porch to hold the kittens. They stayed out there practically all day long petting them & playing with them. As hard as it was, I explained that we needed to take the kittens to a rescue shelter so that they could receive better care. Sydney accompanied me on that trip & made sure they were going into good hands. My friend, Heather, reports that the kittens are now almost 6 weeks old & very healthy! She is trying to convince me to take one (or two), but I haven't softened that much...

The kids named them Tinkerbell, Peter Pan & Spongebob. Thought we were going for a theme, but Nick threw us for a loop with his name! :)

Love that tuna!


Christy said...

I am shocked!! I feel the same about cats! Good job, I'm sure the kids learned a great lesson.

Lynn Leaming said...

I have never liked cats either but my mother in law has a beautiful tabby cat here in Omaha. It has almost convince me to get one, but I just could not take the cat hair everywhere!!!