Monday, August 25

First Grade & Pre-K

While all of my friends are busy sending their kiddos off to their first day of school in Texas, we are well underway here in the Philippines. (We've already had 2 days off for Filipino holidays! Holidays are a serious business around here!)

The kids started back to school on August 7th this year & so far, they have had a great few weeks! Nicholas moved up into the pre-kindergarten class with Teacher Malen, who is extremely calm & gentle with the kids. We are hoping some of her calmness will rub off on Nick! Sydney & Samuel are separated again this year, but they are perfectly content. Sydney was blessed with a sweet, easygoing veteran teacher, Miss Anna Gomez. Samuel has Mrs. Melissa Quattlebaum. This is her first year teaching, so the hope is that she'll have enough energy & patience to handle my rowdy boy. Samuel likes his teacher & likes saying her last name even more so I think it's a good match!

I hope all of our first-time school friends out there have had a great start so far. I want to hear from all of you... Rebecca, Ava, Jackson and Matalee. Send pictures!


Feeny Family said...

Cute smiles! Oh, the fun days in first grade:)

Jenn said...

They are adorable Amberly!!! Getting so big!! We still miss you!

Jonetta said...

Love the photo! They look so sharp in their uniforms!
Got my 3 "babies" off to school today -- One in elementary, one in junior high, and one in high school! I am all over the place!!
Will send photos to ya. xxxooo Jon

Lynn Leaming said...

All these precious school pictures with these sweet babies and those hunkin' backpacks. How did we ever make it through school without them?? Glad the kids are doing well. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I said pics of Rebecca to your samberly email. Hope you still keep up with it.

Rebecca misses seeing Sydney!