Sunday, July 13

Random Musings

Samuel & Nicholas were sitting on the floor earlier today, rolling a ball back & forth to each other. At one point, Samuel's roll did not land between Nick's legs like it was supposed to. Instead of jumping up to get the ball, Nick just stared at it. Samuel finally said, "Nick, go get the ball!" Nick responded, "But, I'm little. See, I have a little bellybutton & you have a big bellybutton. You go get it." Now, this might be true of any other big/little brother duo, but not my two! Any of you who know Nick's bellybutton history definitely know that his is MUCH bigger than Samuel's & probably always will be! But, for some reason lately, he has been obsessed with it. He remembers getting it "fixed", as he calls it. However, he has recently said that the "doctor didn't fix it right" because it doesn't look good. I have no idea where he got this from?? I wonder if another kid said something to him... Either way, his bellybutton actually does look good & we're confident he will grow into it as he gets older.

I think it is so much easier to have friends over to play with my kids rather than listen to my three bicker with each other all day long! The arguing stops & they actually all play together really well when friends are here!
Either my taste buds are completely off or I just ate a handful of bad M&Ms. Can M&Ms even go bad? It's gotta be my taste buds...
Here are a few conveniences from the States that I miss:
- Drive through ATM machines
- Drive through McDonalds (They do have these in Manila & Clark, but not in our area.)
- Online bill pay or automatic withdraw options to pay bills
- TARGET!!!!