Friday, May 26

One down... one to go!

We got one sinus infection down... one allergy test to go!

Nicholas had been running quite a high fever last weekend for 4 days straight. So, first thing Monday morning, we went to the doctor. Thank goodness for antibiotics. Sinus infection defeated!

Tomorrow, Sydney will have her allergy testing done. From what I've heard, this is definitely NOT going to be fun. Sydney is supposed to be still for 10-15 minutes while they prick her back about 50 times and wait for the reaction to appear. HELLO... 10-15 minutes of stillness for a 4 year old?!?! After getting poked in the back that many times?!?! I just don't see how it's going to work. She won't be able to scratch any itch that may arise on her back. That's just plain torture, in my opinion. I remember when I had the chicken pox in grade school & my mom constantly reminded me not to scratch. It was an impossible request. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as I'm imagining, though.

Sydney asked me tonight, "Am I getting a shot?" I told her that she wasn't, which is the truth, but I'm not sure what she'll think when they start pricking her back. I hope she doesn't think I deceived her.

If you have a moment after reading this, we'd sure appreciate a prayer!

Have a great Friday!


Rachel said...

I vividly remember having this done as a kid. The good thing is, I don't remember it being traumatic! It is really strange to have allergens put into your body all over your back, though. I hope everything goes well!