Wednesday, May 3

Little Copycat

Nicholas is such a funny kid! He imitates what everyone says & does. Lately, anytime he falls (which is a LOT), he immediately announces, "I okay!" It's the funniest thing because previously, when we would hear him fall, we would always call out to him, "Are you okay?" So, now he beats us to the punch!

He also picked up on a bad habit of Sydney's. (Actually, Sydney got this from her Mommy, so I really can't be too hard on her.) Anytime Sydney sees a bug, ANY bug, she screams and yells "bug"! And, she runs away from wherever the bug is. (She's very afraid of bugs!) Nicholas has this routine down pat! When he sees a bug or even a piece of dirt (which I'm afraid he sees more than he should in our home!), he screams this little high-pitched squeal, yells "bug" and starts running in place. Not away from the bug (or dirt), just running in place right beside it! He puts on quite a show!

Thankfully, most of what he imitates is still very innocent. However, I know the day is coming when I'm going to be kicking myself when I watch him do something that I shouldn't have done myself in the first place!


Becky said...

Nate is the same way! Yesterday Ava fell onto the toybox and cryed a bit. So Nate stops what he's doing, walks over and fake falls onto the toybox and fake cries looking to me for sympathy. He must do every single thing Ava does.