Saturday, May 20

My kids are finally paying off...

I'm going to post a couple of e-mails that I sent out to some girlfriends yesterday about a money making opportunity. I figured I should document this for my kids when they get older & they may (or may not) get a chuckle out of it when they read it.

First E-mail:

"Hey girls! Just wanted to pass along a quick & easy money making opportunity. Sydney & I were leaving Collin Creek mall yesterday, when a lady from an office inside the mall stopped me & asked if I would be interested in letting Sydney take part in a research study. They want 2 kids at a time & she wanted to know if I could wait until she could "snag" another parent & kid from the mall, but I was in a hurry. Anyway, I mentioned that Sydney has a twin brother, so we made an appointment for 11:00 tomorrow morning to participate in this study. And here's the best part... they pay $20 per child for about 15 minutes of your time! I believe it's a toy study, however I'm not positive about that. And, I think they are looking for specific ages only, but I'm not sure exactly what ages they prefer. (Sherry, I would think Hannah would definitely be a good candidate since she & the twins are only 2 weeks apart.)

Anyway, a quick & easy way to make $20! Here's the info:

C&C Market Research
Collin Creek Mall

Sandy Dunn Collier
Office Manager"

And, sadly, here is the second e-mail I sent out:

"Okay, so it's definitely NOT a toy study! I mistook their writing of the word "pay" for "toy". (If you go & see the sign out front, you'll understand.) They are testing a new, childproof cigarette lighter!! HA! I was a bit hesitant at first, but they let the moms watch through a one-way mirror and it's all very safe. Basically, they want to make sure that kids cannot activate this lighter. Samuel thought it was a gun (which I guess isn't much better), so he was having fun! Sydney, bless her heart, was just clueless. She couldn't have cared less about the whole study!

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that it is NOT a toy study!! :)"

This is how low I've stooped to earn a little extra money... letting my kids play with cigarette lighters to see if they are really safe or not! Can we all say "White Trash"?!?!