Thursday, May 11

Egg Allergy

We found out, quite by accident, that Sydney must be allergic to egg yolks. It seems that she can tolerate egg whites just fine, but not the yolks. (Well, this is our best guess so far, since she hasn't had an official allergy test.) However, this would explain her allergic reaction to her 4 year immunizations last month. Apparently, one of the MMR vaccinations contain egg products. Flu shots also contain egg products. Which makes me wonder whether it would be better to chance getting the flu next season or go through another few days of fighting off welps and splotchy skin ??

This first picture is a pretty tame version of the reaction on her face. This afternoon, her entire face was red and swollen. The redness and irritation comes and goes in waves until the egg product is completely out of her system. We're hoping that will be soon.

This second picture just shows how it has affected her arms and chest. Her entire body is covered with red splotchy patches. I told her she looks like a Dalmatian with red spots. It's so sad to see her in this condition. I know she's okay, but it just looks painful.

However, she is definitely milking this for all it's worth! She slept in bed with us last night & is in our bed again tonight. She knows her Mommy can't say "no" to her right now!

And, we are hoping this is not a very sensitive allergy. As of now, she seems to do fine with cakes, cookies, bread and anything else that is made with eggs. I guess we'll just take it one day at a time and see how she progresses...