Monday, May 22

This day stinks!

As I thought about my day today, two things stand out in my memory:
* Refried Beans
* Nick's Bad Breath

We had tostadas for dinner tonight, so I opened a can of refried beans to warm up on the stove. First of all, whenever I open a can of refried beans, I always feel like I'm opening a can of dog food. And, then when it "slides" out of the can, it looks like I'm preparing dog food for my family to eat. YUK!! And, finally, as it warms up on the stove, it smells like I'm heating up dog food for dinner! That stuff stinks, no matter how you prepare it! But... it sure does taste good on a tostada!

Which leads me to the second stinky item of the day... Nick's breath! My poor son does not have halitosis, but instead he has a sinus infection. I have brushed & brushed his tiny little teeth, the roof of his mouth & his tongue, all to no avail. So, at our doctor visit this morning, I asked why his breath smelled so terrible and the doc explained that it's due to the infection. Once we get that under control, his bad breath will disappear. Thank goodness! I was about ready to teach him to gargle mouthwash!

Hopefully, tomorrow will smell better around here!