Saturday, May 20

Britney, Britney, Britney

Okay, so I'm sure most everyone has heard about Britney's latest mishap with baby Sean Preston. While I believe that Britney has been irresponsible with him in the past (driving with him in her lap on a freeway & facing his car seat forward before it is safe to do so), I don't think we should crucify her for the stumble in New York. What mother has not lost their balance or tripped with their baby in their arms? I've done it several times, unfortunately. And, if you say you haven't done it, I don't believe that for a second. And, on top of that, what PREGNANT mother hasn't lost their balance or stumbled... especially while holding another baby in their arms?

I just think that the media is making such a bigger deal out of her "stumble" than should be made! Has nobody else ever tripped before? Unfortunately, she just happened to be carrying her son. It's scary, but not an event which should be filed under "irresponsible parenting".

I feel sorry that her every move as a parent is scrutinized by the public and caught on film by the media. If my every move was documented on film, I'm sure my parenting skills would be in question, too. Thank goodness I can make my mistakes in private, learn from them and grow into being a better mom!