Thursday, April 27

Family Devotional Nights

About a year or so ago, Sammy & I attended a Focus on the Family seminar geared toward passing on a Godly heritage to your children. The speaker, Jim Weidmann, talked about the importance of passing on your Christian values and ideals to your children from the start. He gave some great examples and ideas to incorporate into your daily routine. The main idea Sammy & I took home was to start having a family devotional night once a week. The lessons Jim Weidmann presented as examples seemed like so much fun for kids and adults!

So, of course, we procrastinated for about a year, but we have finally committed to setting aside one evening a week for a family devotional. Our first devotional was last week and we discussed the story of David and Goliath. We made slingshots out of socks (I'm so glad I finally discovered something to do with all my socks that are missing a partner!) and shoestrings. We used marshmallows instead of rocks. And, we aimed our marshmallows at stuffed animals the kids lined up along the toybox. Then, after they got bored aiming at the animals, Sammy & I somehow became the target! Marshmallows were flying everywhere & Nicholas was picking them up & stuffing them in his mouth just as fast as he could! The kids had a blast and it really was fun getting to sit down with them for a little while to talk about the Bible.

The lessons Jim talks about in his books are easy and appropriate for small children. I ordered mine off Amazon, but I'm sure they can also be found in a Christian bookstore. If you are creative, then you can probably think of these fun ideas all on your own. But if you are like me and you do not have a creative bone in your body, then I highly recommend these devotional workbooks!