Tuesday, April 11

Fashion Show & Allergic Reaction

The kids took part in a spring fashion show over the weekend at Toys 'R Us. I supplied about half of the models!! They had tons of fun & really thought that they were hot stuff strutting around in new clothes.

They also got to hug Geoffrey's neck... while it was sitting on the floor of the dressing room! They didn't seem too upset that the rest of his body wasn't attached to his head.

This morning, Sammy took the twins to their 4-year check-up, where they got their last set of shots until the age of 10. They got the MMR vaccine and the Hepatitis A vaccine. I called Sammy on his way home to ask how everything went and he said it all went well, except that Sydney had just finished a severe sneezing attack. He said she was crying because she couldn't catch her breath and her eyes were red and watery. So, I hung up the phone and called the nurse to ask if this might be an allergic reaction to the vaccinations. I left a message, as usual. When Sammy and the kids got home, I took one look at Sydney and almost started crying myself. Her eyes and face were swollen and she had started to break out in a rash along her cheeks and jawline. She looked like a boxer, without the cuts and bruises. It scared the crud out of me! After one more call to her pediatrician (where I made sure I talked to a live person!), Sydney and I rushed back to his office. Thankfully, it was just a typical reaction that Benadryl could control. I am also extremely thankful that her throat didn't swell. I am fully aware that I do not handle emergency situations very well, so I am especially grateful this was not any more serious. What a day!