Saturday, April 15

Recovery Room

Sammy had a surgical procedure done yesterday in the doctor's office. It took about 45 minutes and he will be inactive for about 48 hours... except when he needs to visit the bathroom or brush his teeth. Otherwise, I am his maid, cook, caretaker and all around go-to person! It's worse than having a 4th kid! However, I did not post about this to complain. I wanted to have this next part in writing, because I will never forgive myself if I forget this...

A few days prior to the surgery, Sammy actually drew up engineering plans on a computer program at work to arrange our bedroom into his "recovery" room. (Since our flood situation, our bedroom has been vacant until we get new carpeting. Still waiting on the good ol' City of Richardson to come through for us!) So, he put down some plastic to cover the bare floors, then laid down an old comforter on top of the plastic to help absorb sound. (It echoes pretty loud in there without any flooring or furniture.) Next, he moved our recliner and all 4 TV trays in there. On one tray, he set up his laptop. On another, he set up his drinks and snacks. On the third, he set up our small television and hooked it up to the cable. On the fourth tray, he set up an XBox system that he borrowed the day before from his brother. It only gets worse...

On Thursday, he came home from work with an extra bag. When I opened the bag to see what was in it, I discovered that he borrowed a projector machine from work to set up in his room. I think the projector is actually having to share tray space with his XBox. Then, he hung up a solid white sheet over our red wall, so he could watch movies on the projector "screen". It's a wonder he hasn't blown a fuse with all the electrical appliances he has plugged into that room!

I commented to him that my recovery from my two surgeries weren't near this elegant or fun! Almost makes me wish I had surgery instead of him... almost, but not quite. But, if I ever do have to endure another surgery, PLEASE remind me about this post. I want a recovery room just like Sammy's!

(Oh, and did I mention that he also gets to take a high dosage pain medication without the added stress of wondering how it will affect a nursing baby? I am so envious!!)


Becky said...

That is really over the top! Poor baby!
Can I come use the "recovery room" for a while when Sammy gets out- just to escape from the daily grind for a day or two? I don't even mind having some surgery if that's a prerequisite.