Monday, April 3

Time Change, Inside Man & More

First of all, we still have not recovered from losing that hour Sunday morning! I don't know why losing an hour is so hard on us, but from what my mom says, it's always been tough on me. I need more hours in the day, not less! Hopefully, tonight will be better for all of us.

Sammy & I saw Inside Man the other evening. We both enjoyed it. However, I LOVED the theme song for it. It's called "Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint" and it's a really excellent song! I'm usually not a huge fan of Indian music, but I would download this in a heartbeat, if I could. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn't offer it for sale as a single & I'm really not interested in the entire soundtrack. There were several requests on the iTunes site to download this one song only, so maybe they will soon offer it by itself.

The kids talked about baby chicks today at school. They were telling me all about them on the way home and eventually, we got around to singing "Old Macdonald". We sang about chicks, cows, horses and pigs. On the 5th verse, I asked the kids what else lived on a farm. While they were thinking, I suggested sheep. Samuel replied, "Sheep don't live on a farm. They live in Heaven with Jesus." So, I asked him where a lamb lived & he told me that lambs lived on a farm, so we were able to sing about them on Old Macdonald's farm. It's funny to see how their little minds work.

Lastly, I am really enjoying saving money by playing the Grocery Game! I got LOADS of cleaning supplies last night, several freezer meals that Sammy can take to work and other necessities. My original total was $150 something... after my Tom Thumb discount card, my total went down to $80 something... then after all my coupons, my total went down to $61!! I saved 59% of my total bill! How awesome is that? Plus, I got lots of cleaning supplies and dental products at rock bottom prices, so we are stocked up on those! I'm finally hitting the point where I just need to maintain my pantry. I've built up my stockpile and I'm able to use what I have in there. Mostly, I really enjoy the saving money part!! Who wouldn't?!?

Gotta run... another tea party is in full swing & my attendance is demanded!


moonshan said...

Those savings are pretty good. Try making a list at It is free and matches online and offline coupons to the sales in your local area. You can even send the list to your cell phone or add items that are not on sale to your list. I prefer it and thought I would pass the word :)