Wednesday, April 5


(I couldn't resist adding this picture of Nick & his nose at 6 months.)

Nicholas is fascinated with noses now. He says the word "nose" in a very nasally sort of way. HA! That seems a little ironic! (Or would it be redundant?) But, it's really cute watching him say it. He crinkles up his little pug nose while making the "n" sound. Too cute!

Yesterday, while Sammy & Samuel were getting haircuts, Sydney, Nick & I were sitting in the waiting area, looking at the magazines & the pictures on the wall. Nicholas started pointing to each nose on each hair model plastered on the wall. However, it wasn't enough to just look... he had to physically touch the picture of each nose. So, here I am, inside of SuperCuts, hoisting my hefty son up to each picture so he could touch each nose with his stubby little finger. I'm sure we got several strange looks. However, that's still better than listening to him throw a fit because he couldn't reach them.

Despite the strangeness of it all, I sure do love these quirky stages!