Thursday, June 15

June 15!!

I cannot believe it is already June 15! This month is half over!

First of all, thank you, Rachel, for your reassuring comment on my last post. Although it was pretty traumatic at the time, Sydney will now proudly tell you all about her allergy test. The doctor tested her for the 8 main food allergens and included a separate test for egg whites and egg yolks. The scale runs from 0 to 4, with 0 being no allergen present and 4 being a severe allergy present. Sydney tested negative on all main food allergens, but scored a 2 reaction to egg whites and a 3 reaction to egg yolks. So, although it's not severe, she definitely does have an allergy to eggs. And, thankfully, it only seems to be direct contact with eggs... scrambled, fried, etc. She can eat foods that have eggs baked in, such as cakes, cookies, breads, etc. Apparently, the property of the egg changes when it's cooked in a product. Good to know! So, we will go back in 6 months to re-evaluate the severity of this food allergy. (I'm going to make her Daddy take her next time. That was torture hearing my little girl cry for a good 15 minutes & not being able to hold or comfort her.) Hopefully, it will go away with time.

Well, today was the big day... our house was listed on the market! WHEW! After about 2 solid weeks of hard work, sweat & several curse words, I'm sure, we have finished all the necessary repairs to make our old 1962 home shine! Sammy & his friends installed wood laminate flooring in our bedroom & the hallway. We had the carpet & tile professionally cleaned. We repainted our bedroom, three living room walls & the entire ceiling running through our kitchen and both living room areas. Sammy repainted the exterior trim. A good friend of mine sealed & painted over nail holes in the walls. And, we have cleaned this place like it has never been cleaned before! I think it looks great & I really hope we get some interested buyers SOON! Because, it is HARD keeping it neat & clean with 3 small children. This is definitely not going to be fun... but, I sure hope it will be worth it in the long run. Here are some pictures:

The kiddos spent a week at Mimi & Papa's house while Sammy & I were working on our home. I've got some cute pictures to share that I'll post in a later entry.

Enjoy your June 15th!