Monday, June 26

Tying a Shoelace

Okay, I thought potty training would be the hardest thing I'd have to teach my kids... until I tried teaching Samuel how to tie a shoe!! This is not as easy as I had hoped it would be. Are there any tricks or good ideas on how to master this skill? Mom, when did I learn how to tie my shoes?


Mom said...

I seem to remember some little trick about bunny ears, but you had better ask your sisters because they are probably the ones who taught you how to tie your shoes.

Anonymous said...

I was a pretty normal child....but I could not tie my shoes until 4th grade! My mom would tie my shoes really tight before I left for school and I always had one friend that knew my "secret" and she would tie my shoes in the bathroom if I needed help! Very sad! Too bad we didn't have velcro back then! It doesn't look like Cameron will be potty trained before the baby arrives. So I will be buying three sizes of diapers. Fun!

Carol S.

Amberly said...

Maybe I'll wait on the shoe tying, then. You know how it is when you hear other 4 year olds are tying their shoes... I always feel like my kids must be "behind" in their developmental skills. But, I guess that is bound to happen when your kids decide to walk at almost 1.5 years old!!