Saturday, July 1

Daddy's Little Boy

Nicholas has become a HUGE Daddy's boy lately! It's crazy, because I feel like I'm the one who is home all day with him, who caters to his every need, who cuddles with him, who comforts him, who plays with him, who reads to him all day long and yet the minute he sees his Daddy, I am but a distant memory!! (Just so it doesn't sound like I'm dissing Sammy, he does do all of the above mentioned also.) For instance, on Friday, Sammy got up early with Nicholas and spent some time with him before he had to leave for work. So, when he walked out the front door, you would have thought Nicholas was in immense pain by the sound of his crying. It was pathetic! I felt so sorry for him because he wanted his Daddy so bad. He kept crying "Daddy, Daddy..." Then, he would ask, "Where Daddy go?" (He asks this about everything! "Where bunny go?" "Where Sydney go?") So, I explained that Daddy had to go to work. Later that afternoon, we were swimming at a friend's pool & Nicholas was getting a little tired. He started fussing a bit and crying again for his Daddy. When my friend, Kelli, asked him why he was sad, he said, "Daddy go work. I wanna go Daddy work." My heart broke! He said that same phrase several times, "I wanna go Daddy work." Poor little guy. He adores his Daddy!


Pauler Family said...

I know the feeling. I do all of the day to day things and make sure everything is running how it should but none of that really matters once daddy's truck hits the driveway.

Amberly said...

A good friend of mine recently told me that according to James Dobson's book, Bringing Up Boys, this is the age for Nicholas to be acting this way. Apparently, boys go through a stage of wanting only their Daddy. I guess Moms got their turn when we nursed those baby boys!