Friday, July 7

Swimming & Watching Fireworks

In addition to enjoying our neighborhood's 4th of July parade, we also spent most of the day swimming and relaxing with our friends. Kelli's parents live in this great big house with a swimming pool, a hot tub & a theater upstairs. We swam until we were all shriveled & wrinkly... we ate until we were stuffed... and we watched Firewall in the theater, while all the kids watched The Little Rascals downstairs. Then, we all headed to the new Firewheel Mall to enjoy the fireworks show. It was so much fun!

(It was much more enjoyable due to the fact that Teresa literally saved Nick's life! I'm forever grateful, but still can't talk about it. Maybe later...)

Samuel is swimming like a pro:

Sydney is content to hang on to the side of the pool:

All the kids (minus Jackson) are waiting for the fireworks to start: