Saturday, July 1

Samuel the Shark

Anytime I tell Samuel he is swimming like a fish, he corrects me... "No, I'm swimming like a shark!" He LOVES sharks lately, so he is thrilled to finally be swimming like one. Well, he's almost there. He prefers to swim underwater, rather than lift his head out of the water, so we've still got some work to do. And, even though he does great in the shallow water, where he is more confident, he feels insecure in the deep end of the pool. But, I am sure he'll be swimming "like a shark" by the end of this summer!

Today, I finally bought him some good swim goggles instead of the cheap ones he had been wearing. The new Speedo goggles actually keep the water out of his eyes, which is good since he enjoys swimming under the water entirely. We didn't have these goggles when we went to the pool yesterday & his poor little eyes were so red & irritated for the rest of the night. It hurt me to look at him. So, he was excited to wear them at the pool today. They did the trick!

I've always loved swimming & have been anxiously awaiting the day one of my kids can swim with me. So, I will be thrilled when Samuel & I can finally race each other up & down the pool!