Monday, July 10

Done with Diapers!

That's it! I am done getting kicked in the shins by a wiggly kid who hates to have his diaper changed! Potty training starts today!!

After I changed Nick's dirty diaper this morning, I about lost it. I practically have to sit on his legs with my knees in order to avoid being kicked repeatedly. All the while, he is yelling at me "no... no". And, when I have to clean those extra sensitive areas that little boys have, he says, "ouch... ouch!" It has become such a battle between the two of us & I am done with it! So, every 15 minutes, he & I make a trip to the potty & pray for success. We turn on the faucet in the hopes that the noise of running water will contribute to this success. And, we sit & wait & wait & wait... He has been successful once today & such a big deal was made of it. However, his diaper has been clean & dry in between. Always a good sign! He is now napping, so we'll see what the afternoon brings...

Wish us luck!


Becky said...

He seems so young for training! I don't think Nate would go on the potty at all. But, I tend to underestimate him sometimes. Good luck and I hope it works!