Saturday, April 11

Twins' 7th Birthday Dinner at Home

On their birthday, I invited some of the twins' closest friends over for a playdate & picnic dinner. Their actual party was planned for the next weekend, but they wanted to celebrate with friends on March 12th. So, a few kiddos came over to swim, have a picnic dinner in the backyard & make their own ice cream sundaes. They all had so much fun & even provided the adults with a song & dance show afterwards. We are so thankful for our great friends here in the Philippines!

Most of the group sitting down for dinner
(Rian & Rowan were working on the entertainment for the evening)

Sweet Girlfriends - Rebekah, Sydney & Madison

Handsome Birthday Boy

And, last, but certainly not least... our evening entertainment written & choreographed by Rian & Rowan:


Lynn Leaming said...

Impromptu entertainment is the best! Sydney did a great job trying to follow along :0 If this was just a few friends, how many did they have at their actual party??

Amberly said...

Sydney adores those girls! She loved dancing with them. :-)