Friday, April 10

Twins' 7th Birthday at School

Brent Subic - First Grade

(Well... I'm about a month late on this post, but then again, when am I not late?!)

Sydney & Samuel had a great birthday celebration with lots of wonderful friends here in Subic! On their actual birthday, I took cupcakes & juice to their classrooms for a small party with their schoolmates. All the kids sung "Happy Birthday" twice... once for each of them. They were a little embarrassed standing in front of the class for that long, but enjoyed the one on one attention from their friends afterwards. Such sweet, shy kids.

Center stage with Sydney's teacher, Ms. Gomez

Samuel enjoying yummy birthday refreshments with his friends

Sydney & her friends eating cupcakes

Cupcake Mouth

Mom & her terrific twins!


Lynn Leaming said...

Not your babies anymore:( They are getting so tall! Too cute. You have been so good at journaling your journey there, so all of us here can keep up with what is going on with you all.