Sunday, April 26

Dive #6

We went out on our sixth dive today. (A huge thanks to MP for watching my kiddos on the beach, while her son joined us on the dive.)

Waving goodbye to my kids on the beach

Today, we explored a sunken landing craft unit in the Triboa Bay area of Subic Bay. (This landing craft wreck is near our friends', the Gulleys', private beach in Triboa Bay.) Again, I had very little problems with my ears today, which is still a huge relief. On one occasion, my right ear felt quite a bit of pressure, but it was easy to clear. Sam explored the inside of the unit swimming in & out of portholes. I opted to stay in the sunlight! It would be my luck to encounter one of the numerous lionfish while swimming in the dark opening of a sunken ship! I'm not willing to take that chance yet.

While the visibility was still relatively low, I did enjoy this dive more than the one last week. My goggles did not fog up and there was more aquatic life to enjoy. I prefer exploring reefs rather than sunken ships, so I got pretty excited & mesmerized when there was an abundance of fish or coral nearby. I'm still amazed that I can swim among these sea creatures & watch them interact underwater. It's a really cool experience! I truly wish Sam & I had not procrastinated for so long on getting our diving certificate. I feel we could have done so much more underwater exploring around Asia, but I'm just thankful that we did complete it & are taking full advantage of the opportunities while we have them.

On this dive we saw many lionfish, angelfish, butterflyfish & something called a spotted sweetlips fish. Interesting!

After our dive - Dean, John, Amberly & Sam

Amberly & Sam
(Ray driving the boat)

Samuel had fun digging a huge hole while we were out

(All our pictures from this dive can be seen here.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amberly! That was a fun experience. My fiance has been asking me to go scuba diving in Subic but I always have so many reasons to say NO. Yeah, I'm crazy. (We ended up watching Deep Sea at IMAX...I thought it was safer. Haha!) I'm always paranoid and scared to try it but after reading this blog, I think I want to try scuba this summer.

God bless!

- Maricar :)

Amberly said...

Ha! The IMAX movie probably comes close, but there is nothing like actually experiencing it on your own! I highly recommend taking lessons with Dean at Ocean Adventure. He is great! And very patient. Keep me posted... I think you'll love it! I kept hearing the Philippines has some of the best diving in the world, so I'm so happy we took advantage of it. I definitely think you should also!

Good luck!

FilipinoBoston said...
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FilipinoBoston said...

So said to hear that you're going back to Texas in June.

I feel like I'm the one who's sad because of all the wonderful postings on your blog about the Philippines. I haven't been home since 1995.

The insects are avoidable. Just don't leave candy wrappers or sweets around the house, never eat on the couch or bed and always put food in the ref. Never leave your doors and windows open for they love to zoom in without any warning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Amberly! If we visit Ocean Adventure by chance next month, we’ll look for Dean. However, my fiancĂ© also knows a dive instructor who just opened a diving school along Moonbay Marina (Subic Scuba College). Anyway, we’ll talk about it and see what happens. Thanks again! You’re right…there’s nothing like experiencing the underwater on your own. I’m now excited to go scuba diving…can’t wait! Anyway, it’s true that Philippines has many amazing diving spots like ANILAO, Apo Reef Mindoro, Busuanga, Coron, MALAPASCUA Cebu, Balicasag Island, Davao & Bohol (also famous for the Chocolate Hills and tarsier monkeys)… actually, there’s more and it’s hard to remember them all. LOL! I hope you get to visit some of them if not all before you leave the Philippines. I’ll keep you posted about my first diving experience. :-)

- Maricar