Thursday, April 2

Spirit Week - Twin Day

My sweet twins

Today was "Twin Day" during Brent Subic International School's first annual Spirit Week. Each student had the opportunity to dress as a twin with another student in the school. The kids had fun planning their twin costumes...

All ready for Twin Day!

Twin Princesses - Joanna & Sydney

Boy Scout Quintuplets - Samuel, Javier, CJ, James & Daniel

Surfer Twins - Nicholas & Cade

Tomorrow is the last & final day of Spirit Week - "Jazz Up Your Uniform Day". For my kids, it's gonna be "Wear Whatever the Heck You Want Because Mom Has Definitely Lost Her School Spirit Day"!!


Becky said...

isn't it funny how all these "extras" at school=much more work for the parent. i think i am doing good to get ava dressed, fed breakfast, and to school on time each day. throw in more and you're asking for trouble.

Lynn Leaming said...

But you have to admit it makes for some ADORABLE pictures! I particularly loved Nicks :) I can't believe how big they are all growing.

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on your blogs and love the diving story. Amberly,I have only been scuba diving and that was scary enough way out in the ocean solo...You go girly good job!!! Hope all is well.