Wednesday, April 15

Palawan - Day 2

... finally!

Our 2nd day in Palawan was just as wonderful! The breakfast buffet was spectacular (as was all the food during our entire stay there). After breakfast, we decided to join the lagoon tour. There are 2 lagoons at Miniloc Island - the big & small lagoons. We first visited the small lagoon, with numerous coral reefs & caverns to explore.

The limestone cliffs were amazing! And, the beautiful clear, green water... truly indescribable. I was in awe at the beauty surrounding me.

We kayaked & snorkeled in both lagoons. It was so fun to kayak in & out of the coves & caverns surrounding the cliffs & explore the entire lagoon.

Amberly & Sam inside a cave

Heather & Brad in the cave
(We were a little cramped with 2 kayaks in a small cavern.)

After kayaking, we donned our snorkels & flippers & enjoyed swimming around the fantastic coral reefs. We were excited to use the camera to get up close & personal with the sea creatures.

Coral as far as the eye can see...

Clown fish in his anemone home

School of bright blue fish swimming towards Sam

This picture reminds me of the "drop off" part in Nemo.
This brave fish was swimming past the drop off.

After lunching at the Miniloc island resort, we headed to Entalula Island to work out with a little rock climbing. Our friends, Brad & Heather, are highly experienced rock climbers, so this was nothing new for them. They scaled the cliffs like the pros they are! Sam & I are beginner climbers, but you would never know it by watching Sam. He did a fantastic job on both climbs! I enjoyed my first, short climb, but opted to stay on solid ground while the other 3 ascended the more challenging cliff. We were all ready to cool off in the ocean after that hard work!

Mountain Man Sam

I made it!

This was a piece of cake for Heather!

... and Brad!

Entalula Island was by far, our favorite spot within the El Nido islands. The water is a beautiful crystal aqua blue. And the sand is white & powdery. We were definitely not ready to leave when our boat arrived to take us back to the main island, Lagen, for dinner.

Arriving back to our water cottages

That evening before dinner was served, the four of us enjoyed relaxing outside by the pool. Sam & I did a little reading, while Brad & Heather played cards. It was the perfect way to end such a great day!

One of my favorite photos... Sam took this from the other side of the swimming pool while we were lounging before dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amberly! I was also in Palawan last week and the place was synonymous with paradise. Anyway, I love reading your makes my day! I'm glad that you and your whole family is happy in's one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. I always visit Subic when I need to relax. Thanks for sharing the story of your wonderful life. God bless you all! :)

A fan of your blogs,

Amberly said...

Thank you, Maricar! I LOVED our visit to Palawan! So gorgeous!! The Philippines truly has some of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. I hope we can come back again someday. We have immensely enjoyed all of our 2 short years here!