Wednesday, April 8

The rest of Spirit Week...

Here are some pictures from the other days during Spirit Week at Brent. I relied mostly on the kids' teachers to share their pictures with me (thank you Anna & Malen!), so unfortunately, I don't have any of Samuel. It's hard trying to be in 3 different places at the same time to get pictures of all my kids! And, don't even think about taking a group shot before school! That's impossible for my crew...


* By far, the easiest day of the week! Great way to spend a Monday at school!

Sydney with her friends in pajamas

Nicholas with his class in pajamas


* I thought for sure this was going to be a no-brainer for my three who LOVE to play dress-up. We have about a gazillion costumes in our playroom. Should be easy... but I was thrown a curveball. Nick wanted to dress up as a cartoon character whose costume we had previously given to another little boy... Samuel didn't know what he wanted to dress up as (story of my life with that kid!)... and Sydney, well, she's usually the easiest out of my kiddos. She followed my suggestion with no complaints. After more whining than I care to admit (me included!), we finally made it to school all decked out:

Sydney as a Barbie cheerleader with her classmates

Nicholas as Flash with his buddy Sebastian as Thomas the Train

(Samuel went as Buzz Lightyear... FINALLY.)


* This day was fairly painless. Both Sydney & Nicholas decided they wanted to be veterinarians. We already had one white angel gown that easily passed as a lab coat & we had a duplicate coat made overnight at the market. They each carried a doctor kit & a stuffed animal to school with them. Voila! However, Samuel could not decide what career he wanted to dress as. I threw out a ton of options & he finally settled on being a Cowboy. It was a perfect choice since we already had all the necessary clothing. Then, 30 minutes before school started on Wednesday, he changed his mind... AGAIN! He decided he wanted to be a paleontologist instead!! WHAT?! Are you kidding me?? So, I told him he was responsible for creating his own costume & he had 20 minutes to do it. And, he did! He switched his cowboy boots for hiking boots... put on a brown, camo jacket... and gathered a few items as props - a magnifying glass, a paintbrush & a small brown bag of toy dinosaurs. It was awesome! I wish I had taken a photo, but I am looking forward to seeing one from his teacher soon...

Dr. Sydney with some of her classmates
(Love Javier's architect costume!)

Dr. Nicholas with his classmates

Thursday was Twin Day, as you've already seen & Friday was Jazz Up Your Uniform Day. Friday also happened to be track & field day for the kids, so we did nothing to jazz up their uniforms & I was relieved! So long Spirit Week! I definitely won't be missing it next year...