Friday, January 19

No Secrets

Sometimes, I overestimate my kids! I think they can handle a secret like adults can. For instance, if one kid gets the last piece of candy or gum, I'll tell them not to tell their sibling. Which, of course, they immediately run to do! I guess the temptation is just too much. So, I should have known this morning what would happen when I shared a secret with Samuel.

Sydney got a very small scratch on her foot 2 days ago, which we just HAD to cover with a Band-Aid right away! (We go through Band-Aids in this house like crazy!) And, after each bath, she required a fresh bandage on her barely there scratch. Somehow, overnight, her current Band-Aid made its way partly off her foot. It was still hanging on by a corner. So, I quickly took it off & threw it in the trash. Which prompted a HUGE fit! "I NEED A NEW BAND-AID!" In an effort to stall, I told a little white lie, "I'm sorry, Sydney, but I can't find the Band-Aids right now." I knew sooner or later (I found out that it was actually later...), she would forget about her tiny injury & forget about wanting a new Band-Aid. So, after several more questions about where the Band-Aids might be hiding & several attempts to try to find them, she finally gave up & went on about her morning. When I realized she was over the issue, I whispered to Samuel, "Look at Sydney... she forgot about wanting a Band-Aid for her boo-boo." And, then it dawned on me what I had done. Not before I opened my mouth... but afterwards! So, I tried to fix it, "But, don't say anything to her about it. We want her to stay happy." Yeah right! He's a brother & apparently, his job is to torture his sister!

What was I thinking?!?!