Monday, January 15

Monday Morning Musings

Well, I've been reminded several times that I have neglected my blog, so here is my attempt to get back on track...

Christmas was so much fun! But, I don't have any pictures ready to post, so I'll write more about that later.

They are starting a new Love & Logic course at our church this Tuesday. Sammy & I took this class about a year or so ago & really enjoyed it. Although we haven't been very consistent with the ideas they gave us, when we do remember to parent the "Love & Logic" way, it is usually met with favorable results. Just like the other day, when Sydney insisted on wearing her summer sandals to the mall. It was pretty chilly outside, and I tried to explain to her that her little feet would be cold & that I'd like her to pick out a pair of socks & tennis shoes to wear instead. We went back & forth for a while, until I finally told her that she could wear the sandals, but that she could not complain to me if her feet got cold. So, off we went to the mall... no complaints. Then, on the way home, all the kids wanted to stop at the park to play. It was still light outside, so why not? They were so excited & ran all the way from the parked car to the playground. Then, she stopped when she hit the gravel. She cleaned out the rocks that were wedged underneath her feet & climbed the stairs to the slide. After sliding down, she walked over to me & asked if she could take off her sandals altogether. I told her she could, so she removed her sandals & went back to playing. This lasted for a few minutes, then she came back over to where I was sitting & said that she would go ahead & wear her sandals. Those little pebbles were pretty cold on her bare feet! Then, as if my look of triumph gave me away, she looked at me & said, "My feet are not cold. I just want to put my shoes back on." So, for the next few minutes, she dealt with the situation in her own way & I didn't have to interfere at all. Which, is what the Love & Logic course teaches... it helps teach parents how to allow thier children to be responsible for thier actions. Ultimately, Sydney knew that because she insisted on wearing the sandals, she was responsible for her discomfort at the park. We didn't argue about it, she didn't whine one single time about it & I didn't rub her mistake in her face afterwards. ("See, I told you to wear socks & tennis shoes...") Most of Love & Logic is really common sense approaches to parenting, but when you have a mother (like me) who thinks her one & only job is to protect her children, this course helps you to realize there are other important aspects to parenting... such as allowing your kids make their own mistakes & grow up to become responsible adults. Before, I probably would have forced Sydney to wear the socks & tennis shoes, we would have argued for a long time, she would have cried, I would have felt bad for making her cry, our trip to the mall would have been a disaster, and we would have been upset at each other that day. But, I allowed her to make that simple mistake & she learned a simple lesson. I know it just gets harder as they get older & the mistakes become bigger issues, but I hope I can continue to mold them into responsible young adults by remembering what I learned in that Love & Logic course. I think I'll take a refresher course in a few years!

It is FREEZING outside! The icicles are hanging off our patio table & look so pretty! However, that means no outside play today... so, Nick's new tricycle has become an indoor toy. It's a good thing we have a dining room, but no dining room table yet. He's got a nice, big, tiled area to ride in circles, which is pretty much what he's been doing all morning long! As much as I long for a new dining room table to fit our entire family, it'll be sad to see his play area taken away. BUT, don't let that fool you, Sammy... I still want that table more!!


Becky said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again- I was about to give up on you!