Wednesday, January 17

Free Shopping

There's almost no better feeling than getting to shop for FREE!! Yesterday, while the kids were in school, Nicholas & I went to Firewheel Mall to spend some gift cards that I received for Christmas.

We stopped at Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their great sale going on right now. (When do they not have a sale going on?) For just a little over $15, I got 3 hand soaps & 3 small candles. I really love their hand soaps... especially the ones with moisturizers in them. As dry as my hands stay during the winter months, these soaps feel great after each wash. And, with 3 young kids, I wash my hands a LOT! The 3 small candles were half off, so I got them for a steal! And, they smell wonderful!

Afterwards, we went to Barnes & Noble to spend a gift card I received there. Typically, I don't buy books because I can check them out for free at the public library. However, since moving to Wylie, I've discovered their library does not have as big a selection as the wonderful Richardson library does. So, I decided to buy a couple of books that I've been wanting to read & that I think will probably resell fairly well on Amazon. I'm excited to start on those!

When I got home yesterday & unloaded the car, it was so great knowing the bags I was carrying inside cost me absolutely NOTHING!!


jennyc said...

I love Francine Rivers... Have you read the "Mark of the Lion" series? So good!

Amberly said...

Jenny, I haven't read those yet, but I've heard they are really good. I need to check the Wylie Library for those.