Wednesday, January 24

Hump Day = Sick Day

Well, the germs continue to spread here in our household! No amount of anti-bacterial hand soap or Clorox wipes or Lysol spray was able to stop this nasty virus. It got all 3 kids.

Last night, we had to pull out the nebulizer for poor Nicholas. We haven’t had to use it in a while & I am so thankful for that. However, he definitely needed it last night. He sounded just like a barking seal & couldn’t catch his breath. Of course, when he cried or coughed, it sounded terrible. But, even when he would draw in air for a breath, his throat made that awful gasping sound. I felt so bad for him. I can’t recall how many times in the past two days I’ve told both boys that I would gladly take their yucky coughs, just so they could get some relief. They’re taking some good prescription cough medicine, but it just doesn’t seem to work as fast as we’d all like it to!

On a happier note, Sydney & I were making banana bread this afternoon to get rid of some brown bananas that were sitting in our fruit bowl. When it came time to peel the bananas, Nicholas happened to walk in & ask for some juice. He saw me peeling that old banana & said, “Ewww… I no want it!” How sad that he thought I would give that to him!

Yesterday, at one point during the evening, the kids & I were all sitting on the sofa flipping through the channels on TV. I was looking for something to keep their attention long enough for me to fold some laundry. (Since we switched back to basic cable, finding something kid appropriate on TV has become quite a challenge!) So, we went through all the regular channels, but didn’t find anything interesting. Then, we started getting to some of the “oddball” stations. I quickly flipped through the religious channels, knowing that they would not want to watch a televangelist. But, Sydney asked me to go back to one that I had quickly dismissed. It happened to be a service from Joel Osteen’s church in Houston. She wanted to watch the lady on stage singing, “I Need Thee Every Hour”. So, they sat & watched her sing while I folded laundry. Then, they sat through one of Victoria Osteen’s sermons while I folded laundry. I am not an Osteen fan, but at the time I was so thankful for that channel that held all 3 of my kids’ attention so I could get some housework done. Gettin' some religion!

Yummm... I smell banana bread!


Becky said...

good grief you've had it bad. I sure hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I guess it turned out to be a good thing you stayed home Sunday night with Samuel since whatever they have must be pretty contagious. I wish there was something I could do to help. If my kids were ever croupy like Nick I would just melt- I don't know how you can stand it. Why do you have a nebulizer on hand? I wouldn't have even known what it was.
By the way, Cody always stops on those religious channels when he channel-surfs and I'll never understand it. I think- why stop on this? Especially the channel with the lady with the huge platinum hair and those enormous golden chairs to sit in. But glad it worked out for you and the kids!

Lynn said...

Hope the kids are feeling better really soon, especially Nicholas!
Thanks for sharing the story about channel surfing. "A little child will lead us." Praying for you all.