Wednesday, January 31


Nick has said a couple of cute things lately that I don't want to forget...

Last night, he was sitting on the toilet & called me into the bathroom saying he was "all done". So, I went in & praised him for using the potty like a big boy & cleaned him up. He got very excited about his favorite part... flushing the toilet. So, he flushed & I started walking out of the bathroom. Then, I heard him say, "Bye-bye poo poo. I love you."

This morning, it started snowing & of course, the kids & I got so excited. We caught little bundles of snowflakes in our hands & on our tongues. And, we watched it fall for a while from inside our warm kitchen. Then, it slowed & eventually stopped snowing altogether. The kids were a bit disappointed, including Nicholas. He turned to me & said, "Oh man! Who turned the snow off?"

When he's not sick & feeling good (which has been rare lately), he is so cute & sweet! I love these times!


Rachel said...

It's just like that show that Bill Cosby used to host - Kids Say the Darndest Things - or something like that. Those Nicholas "sayings" really are sweet and funny!