Friday, January 26

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've learned two things this week...

Sydney gets a rash around her mouth whenever she has a fever. This happened at Christmas when she had an unexplained high fever in the middle of the night. We noticed a rash around her mouth the next day. And, I just noticed another rash today. She started running a fever last night & has had one all day long. Is this a normal side effect of a fever? The good thing is that we haven't had much opportunity to notice this before, because Sydney is rarely sick. She's got a strong immune system!

The other thing I've learned is that a dinosaur mask on Nick's nebulizer does not make the task any easier! Nick was a much better patient when he was only a year old! Now, he HATES keeping the mask on his nose & mouth. So, we just have to settle for getting it near his mouth. I am just praying it has the same effect.

Oh yeah, one more thing... I've also learned that Mom never has the luxury of getting sick! Sammy told me last night & again today that he was feeling a bit under the weather. Well, of course he is!