Wednesday, November 29


I have been a Freecycle fool lately! I found this group online while living in Richardson. I joined the UTD/Richardson group at that time, but I never offered anything or took anything from other offers. So, when I moved to Wylie, I joined the Wylie Freecycle group. Wylie is a much smaller town, so the posts were few & far between. And, then, my friend, Susan, mentioned that she had also joined the Garland Freecycle group & the Plano Freecycle group. For some reason, it never crossed my mind that you could join groups in other cities or towns that you don't reside. After joining these 2 additional groups, I started receiving several Freecycle posts daily.

The whole premise of this website is to recycle items that we no longer want or need to those that do want or need them. And, it is totally FREE! There is no bartering and no money exchanged whatsoever!

It's been really neat to see the way this organization helps out those who may not be able to afford certain items, such as Christmas decorations, furniture, clothing, etc. For instance, one lady posted a request for any Christmas trees or decor that she might use to decorate this season. When we moved, we brought with us an old 4-foot Christmas tree that we purchased at Dollar General several years ago. We no longer use it, so I offered it to this lady, who was more than happy to use it at her home. She was excited to receive it & I was so happy to give it to her. Just before Thanksgiving, one lady posted a request for a dining room table that would seat 6 people. And, lo & behold, someone had one to give her! I am amazed at how many of these requests are granted. But, as we've all heard... One man's junk is another man's treasure!

Anyway, I've enjoyed giving away some of my possessions that I no longer use or need. And, the people that have picked them up are always so friendly & grateful. Everyone seems so honest, ethical & very genuine.

AND... I am picking up my very first Freecycle item today. One lady sent an offer for a few kids' kitchen items... 2 kids' trays, a few Barbie dishes & a few Toy Story dishes. I'm sure my kids would love these & we would definitely get some good use out of them. So, she is letting me have them & I can't wait to go pick them up!

So, if you get a chance, I think you would really enjoy & benefit from being a part of a Freecycle group. Check it out!


Unknown said...

this is really interesting- thanks for the tip!

SuzyQ007 said...

I'm so glad you discovered the other ones! It really is the neatest thing, isn't it?! Now, have you shopped on & gone to the Dallas site? Whew! There's some bargains to be found! :)

Anonymous said...

freecycle is very cool. I got an £100 mirror on it... shame the glass was distorted.

Liking the blog.

Stephanie said...


I signed up for the Garland and Wylie Freecycles. It's very interesting to see the offers and what people want.

I've seen your name on there a few times since I signed up last week, so I just wanted to let you know that I was monitoring your trades. :)

Thanks for telling us about this!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had the same luck. I've tried twice to sign up for the Garland Freecycle group. My memberships were never approved and I've never heard back as to why. It's frustrating, since I have a bunch of stuff I don't want to throw in the trash.