Monday, November 13

Monday Madness

Why is it that my sweet 2 year old will lay down perfectly still for his afternoon nap & fall asleep so peacefully, but will throw the biggest fit & endure 10 spankings before finally giving in to bedtime at the end of the day?

The kids & I bought some suncatchers the other day in the Wal-Mart craft department. These are the kind where the kids fill each little space with different colored beads & then you stick it in the oven for 10-20 minutes & watch the beads melt. We finished creating our beautiful suncatchers almost 30 minutes ago. The beads are just now starting to melt into one big glob that is supposed to look like glass. Apparently, they do not recommend using air bake pan to set the suncatchers on. Oops!

After picking Nick up from Bible class last night, he told me, "I love Bible class." That makes me feel good!

The twins got new scooters the other day. And, they are so excited about them! We were all over at a friend's house the other day & the kids were out front playing on their scooters, bikes, etc. Samuel was having so much fun on his friend, Bryce's, Spiderman scooter & was doing a really great job balancing his weight. I commented to Bryce's mom that I should probably look into getting a couple of scooters for the kids. So, the next week at school, she tells me that she found something for Samuel at a garage sale. When we got to her car, she pulled out a Spiderman scooter identical to the one she owns. Samuel was thrilled, to say the least! And, it was only ONE DOLLAR!!! Woo-hoo!! You can't beat that! But, of course, Sydney wants to know where her scooter is. (That's how it is with twins... what you do for one, you have to do for the other!) Bryce's mom assured Sydney that even though she didn't find a scooter for her this time, she would look for one the next time she went to a garage sale. And, sure enough, after a mutual friend's birthday party over the weekend, Bryce & his mom hand Sydney a pretty purple scooter with a basket on the handlebars! And, guess how much it was? That's right... ONE DOLLAR!! So, we just scored 2 great scooters for $2!! But, more importantly, the kids & I developed a wonderful bond & friendship with another mother & son that live nearby. You can't put a price on that!

I better get off this computer... laundry awaits! No big surprise there! But, it will be a lot more fun today because the kids are watching Polar Express for their afternoon "quiet time" and I happen to LOVE that movie! I love the story, but I think I love the music even more. However, that might have something to do with my love for Josh Groban's voice...

Have a great Monday!


Rachel said...

Did you know that Josh Groban has a new album out? I just downloaded it yesterday on iTunes but haven't listened to it yet.

SuzyQ007 said...

I totally enjoyed this blog entry, one mommy to another. I could picture Nate at naptime & bedtime. Why is it that when I see high-energy Brendan sleeping peacefully, I think of it as "refueling" instead?! :)

The whole bead thing with the air bake pan? Something I totally would've done. I love the way you do projects with your kids. I can't let my kids hear about it--they'll trade me in!

I love what Nate said to you after Bible Class. Doesn't that just warm your heart to the core? It's so much what we want our kids to feel about class and church. It's hard when they're in a class that they don't particularly like. They have to go anyway, but you miss the days that they smile and bounce out of class, proudly holding up their papers they colored on, telling you what they learned, etc. Whenever the kids say something especially meaningful to me (or I hear about it from someone else), I always think about the verse that says Mary treasured up these things in her heart (things about Jesus). Isn't that what we do as mothers? What a blessing it is to be a mommy. You're a mommy, like me, who stores things up in her heart. I can see that tenderness in you.

I love your scooter story! How great that the kids got "new" scooters and at such a bargain! And what a wonderful neighbor! I'm so happy that you've found new friends like that. I so wish we could find that in our neighborhood. Ours isn't like that. I think I'm the only one home during the day & everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. I need to do the things that Becky does to get to know our neighbors, especially the few that have kids my age (let's see--which age would that be? 15? 11? 7? 2? ha!). I just have a bashful streak (believe it or not) and it totally stresses me out to HOST anything! Talk about deer in the headlights!

And finally, I LOVE JOSH GROBAN!!!! Oh, my gosh! What a beautiful voice!!! Is he a Christian? I know he's recorded several Christian songs, but then again, so did Elvis. Anyway, I've never seen Polar Express, but have wanted to take the kids to see it.

Great entry, Amberly! Sorry this is so long! :)