Tuesday, November 21

Singin' a different tune...

Okay, this is going to be an upbeat post... I promise! No more talk of sick kids, a dirty house or loads of laundry!

I am so excited right now, because in 1 day & a few hours, we are leaving on VACATION!! Well, it's a vacation to us. We are going to my parent's house in Bastrop for Thanksgiving & I am thrilled! My 94-year-old (Or is it 93? I can never remember.) Grandmother is already there, waiting for us all to arrive. My cousin, his wife & daughters will be there also. I am so happy to be able to spend some time with them. But, as happy as I am, my daughter is PUMPED!! She is so used to being surrounded by boys, so when I told her she was going to get to play with her girl cousins, she lit up. She has not stopped talking about Grace & Lily. (And, by the way, it's so funny to hear her try to say "Lily". She just can't quite get all those "l"'s in the right order.) She will tell anyone (strangers included) that she is going to play with Grace & Lily at Mimi & Papa's house. I hope they are looking forward to their visit with Sydney as much as she is with them!

I am also really excited about the delicious food! Sammy is in charge of the turkey this year... something he really enjoys doing. And, even though I don't like turkey, he does it up good. Everyone else is in charge of the salads, casseroles, stuffing & desserts. My favorites are the casseroles! Veg-All Casserole... Creamed Corn Casserole... Broccoli & Rice Casserole... YUMMMMM!

The kids are excited about feeding the wild turkeys at Mimi & Papa's house. I asked if we could shoot one for our dinner, but my mom was adamant that we are not to mess with her turkeys AT ALL! She's very protective of those ugly birds.

Another favorite of mine during this holiday season is the beautiful Christmas music. I have this awesome Christmas CD that I bought last year & frankly, I'm surprised that it's not totally worn out. It's Manheim Steamroller's Christmas Extraordinaire. I LOVE it! Sammy likes it. And, the kids even like it. It gets tons of playtime at our house! Sammy also enjoys listening to the radio stations that play "All Christmas, all the time", as they say. However, we always seem to hear Wham's "Last Christmas". I do get sick of that one song this time of year! And, just so you can too, I'm sharing it here with you:

Just one downside to the cold weather... dry skin. My skin itches like crazy, even though I have slathered on gobs of lotion. It is nearly impossible to get relief from my dry skin during the winter. BUT... I won't let that ruin the mood!

I hope you all are enjoying this festive season as much as I am. It's a great time of the year!



Becky said...

I have THE WORST dry skin in winter. My hands crack and bleed like crazy- they run red and white and scaly. It's disgusting! Someone recommended Eucerin hand cream (not lotion) and I just got some yesterday- so I'll let you know if it helps. So far, my hands do seem better. The other thing I do for them, is coat them with this beeswax/vaseline thick paste my mother in law made at night. It does not soak in, and is messy, but by morning, they are soft again. But, by the middle of the day I'm back to cracked and bleeding.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

The Manneheim Steamroller's are my favorite Christmas music too. They are doing a concert in SA on the 10th and Brett just got us tickets. Yeah!!