Thursday, November 2

Halloween Fun

The kids enjoyed thier Halloween festivities this year. We all had a great time!

Sunday evening, we attended Trunk or Treat at our church. Lots of cars, lots of costumes & LOTS of candy!

Sydney's friend, Rebecca, and her parents went with us.

Afterwards, we all went over to Rebecca's house & met up with another friend, Joshua, his parents & his baby brother. The kids helped me create a graveyard cake for dessert. YUMMMM!!

Tuesday morning, the kids got all dressed up in their costumes for the party & parade at school. They were so excited! And, we got a great class picture!

That evening, we walked 2 blocks of our neighborhood before the kids called it quits! My 3 superheroes were wiped out! It was very chilly & they were just plain tired. So, we headed back home, popped popcorn & watched Monster House. There is nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with your kids & a bowl of popcorn, watching a fun movie. It was a perfect evening!

(Spiderman, Mini Batman & a COOOOOOLD Catwoman)


Rachel said...

That picture of your three lined up in their costumes is so cute! I have to tell you that in her costume, Sydney looks even more like you - especially when she's wearing lipstick like in the first picture.

Becky said...

it WAS cold that night! We only did one block around here. the kids have more fun watching others come to our door, than going out there themselves, anyway!

Stephanie Carroll said...

What cute pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I'm glad y'all had a great Halloween!