Monday, November 27

Thankful for Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parent's house in Bastrop. We spent our time there relaxing out in the country... fishing, digging in dirt & laying in the hammock. The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time! We ate our Thanksgiving feast out on the deck & enjoyed our leftovers there, as well. Perfect weather!!

I enjoyed spending some time with my cousins from Houston. And, Sydney loved getting to know her girl cousins, Grace & Lily. I'm so glad we were able to spend quality time with them.

Here are some great pictures from our time there...


Grace & Sydney at the Pond

When the girls got tired of holding their Barbie fishing poles, the grown men took over.
Nothing screams "manly" like a Barbie pole!


Lily, Grace & Sydney playing in the sand pile

My cousin, Jennifer, & I are watching these girls get DIRTY!
I really, really dislike sand!

Here is a sweet picture of Sydney & Grace, before they left back to Houston on Saturday

And, here is a precious picture of Grace's little sister, Lily

But, my favorite picture, hands down, is this last one! It shows how chaotic taking group shots really are! You've got Nicholas upside down in the baby swing & Lily sliding halfway down her mom's leg. Samuel is taking a picture back, because he absolutely refused to cooperate that entire morning! I'm not wearing makeup, nor did I blow dry my hair that morning, so I'm crouching down next to Sydney, trying to hide behind her cuteness. And, my poor Grandmother has a look on her face that says, "Why the heck are we doing this?" PRICELESS!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, also!


Rachel said...

Looks like you guys had a good time - thanks for sharing your pictures! I loved playing in our turtle-shaped sand box as a kid, but boy do I hate when it gets everywhere! It's so hard to get rid of!

Becky said...

great pics! did you know one time on extreme home makeover one of the designers decided to place a huge sandbox IN A LITTLE BOY"S ROOM! the other designers were saying they didn't think that was a very good idea, and I was screaming it from the couch as well. So, he went out and asked the crowd of moms outside if they were for or against it and shockingly, they all screamed out yes- do it! What were they smoking? Here comes sand all over the house- what a disaster I'm sure it turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Amberly, when I teased your dad about fishing with a Barbie pole he told me that when they cast out the lines, the girls held their poles for just a few minutes then handed them off with instructions to call them if they got a fish on the hook. Then they skipped off to play. Are those girls smart or what!