Sunday, November 19

Sick, Sick & Sick

What's worse than a sick kid?
Two sick kids.

What's worse than two sick kids?
Three sick kids.

Yep... that's what we've got! All the kids have been battling runny noses, coughs & conjunctivitis. For the past several days, a different kid would wake up with their eyes "glued" shut. We'd have to carefully clean their eyes with a warm washcloth so they could see again. Well, this morning, they ALL three woke up with crusty eyes & runny noses. YUK!! And, their poor little eyes are red & bloodshot.

I'm hoping the decongestant we're giving them will knock this out before Thanksgiving. (I promise, Mom, we are trying!)

In the meantime, we'll be quarantined to our house. Let us know if we miss anything on the outside world...


SuzyQ007 said...

Oh, Amberly, I'm sorry! That IS tough--and what a bad week for it. I'll bet they'll be fine by Thanksgiving.

I had strept throat last week, finished my antibiotics (z-pack) & now my tonsils are all swollen again. I think I've still got it. Not the week for it--and I'm also so afraid the kids will get it. My kids are strept-throat prone kids . . .