Thursday, September 21

Moving Music

I love to listen to music! Always have. Music can take me back to my junior high days, such as when I hear Vanilla Ice sing "Ice, Ice Baby".
Wow... does that bring back some awkward memories! And, anytime I hear a Selena song, I'm instantly back in Kingsville. I can vividly remember the moment one of my best friends in high school, Ruthie, ran into our homeroom class to tell me that Selena had been shot in Corpus Christi, just an hour away from where we stood. Ruthie was a big Tejano music fan and sang in a mariachi band in South Texas. (In fact, she surprised me by singing a few songs with the mariachi band that Sammy & I had at our wedding reception. She was great!) She had followed Selena's career and was truly saddened by her death. (So was my Dad, by the way.)
Selena had an awesome voice and was on her way to becoming quite a star. Her death was a senseless tragedy.

One of my newly discovered passions is downloading songs from iTunes. Sammy & I splurge on a $15 iTunes card from Target every once in a while & then we get to split that amount between us. We each get to download about 7 songs. It's so much fun!

Another new discovery of mine is The Zoe Group. I had heard of them several times before, but had never listened to any of their music. So, one day last spring, I decided to order an album off of their website. I LOVED it!! The music is awesome, the words are powerful & every song stirs my soul. After I ordered that first album, In Christ Alone, I promptly went online again & ordered 2 more CDs. I love all of them. There is not one dull song on there! However, between all 3 albums, there is one song that especially moves me. It's titled, "You Were There" on the In Christ Alone CD. I love, love, love that song! (Or, as my friend, Karen, would say, "I L-O-V-E, love that song!" When she really likes something, you know it because she spells out the word "love".) The lady who sings the solo part, Sheryl Thomas, has the most beautiful, angelic voice. It sounds so pure and truly pretty. The words are incredibly moving. I can't sing it's praises enough! (Ha... pun intended!) One thing I would recommend is visiting their website & clicking on the song for a sample. You will not be disappointed. Well, you'll be disappointed when the sample is over because it just gets better! Recently, this song has meant so much to me and has been some of my best worship experience lately. (However, that might be because I rarely am able to attend a full worship service, thanks to my very clingy & disruptive son! 2 year old Bible Hour... here we come!) Great, great song!! Get the CD... you'll L-O-V-E, love it, too!

Now, I think I'll go search on iTunes for some good Selena music & take a trip down memory lane...


Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E, LOVE the Zoe Group, too! Thanks for introducing them to me.
PS - I L-O-V-E, LOVE you, too!!

Rachel said...

Amberly, I also love the Zoe Group - I have all their CDs. I was introduced to them sometime in college and was hooked! Casey and I try to split itunes cards also, but somehow he sneakes in a few extra songs for himself! I don't know how that always happens!

Becky said...

I guess I am the only person unexposed to the ZOE group, so I better high tail it over to listen to the sample!

I know what you mean about songs bringing memories to mind. I was in the grocery store when "Hold On" by Wilson Philips started playing and suddenly it was like I was back in high school.

SuzyQ007 said...

I LOVE ZOE, too. I still want to get the latest one. I think I own two CD's right now. I think Sarah Sibert's sister sings in ZOE. Pretty cool, huh?

I've gotten two free downloads from Walmart ($.88 ea)in some packages of batteries lately. I downloaded "Special Lady," by Ray, Goodman and Brown. Probably before your time, but check it out. I love the beginning acapella part. The other song I downloaded "How Far is Heaven?" from Los Lonely Boys. I love the harmony in it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog today! One of these days I'll start one instead of just commenting on everyone else's thoughts and experiences.