Thursday, September 28

I'm Irritated!

It really irritates me when I think I am done with my shower, I turn off the water & step out into a fresh towel... only to then remember that I have forgotten to wash something on my body! Maybe I forgot to shampoo my hair or wash my face or elsewhere... So, I end up hanging up my now wet & slightly used towel, turning the shower water back on & stepping back into the shower stall. I am wet all over again & frustrated about the whole situation! That happened to me this morning. After shaving my legs, I thought I was done. So, I rinsed off completely, turned off the hot water, stepped out onto our new bath mat & enveloped myself in a clean, comfy towel. It's at that point that I realized I wasn't entirely washed! ARGHHHH!!! Back into the shower I go. Such a pain & highly irritating!

I'm stealing an idea from my friend, Rachel's, post about why people do stupid things. She talks about drivers who swerve over from an exit lane at the last minute, as if they hadn't realized before that point that their lane was going to exit! It got me to thinking about one of my driving pet peeves. It really bothers me when people change lanes & cross a solid line. It's like they just can't wait the few feet that the solid line will end. They HAVE to cross now or else!! It bugs the heck out of me! Especially when I'm obeying the law & I wait to exit or change lanes until the solid line ends. And, of course, by that time, 20 cars behind me have decided to cross over the solid line & exit way ahead of me. I hate that! Do they think this law doesn't apply to them? And, believe me, it is a valid law! I've taken defensive driving enough to know that!!


Becky said...

Amberly- this is really cracking me up! I have to tell you I don't think I have ever forgotten to wash anything before getting out of the shower. I think maybe you need a vacation!

Amberly said...

I DO need a vacation! Would you please pass that information along to Sammy?