Sunday, September 17

The 30s

Last October, Sammy turned the big 3-0! In December, a good friend of ours turned 30. In February, another good friend turned 30 one week before I turned 29. :) Then, again in July & August, two of my closest girlfriends entered their thirties. (August also brought two more milestone birthdays... first, my mom turned 60 & second, my oldest sister turned 40!) I just saw the date today after I posted my previous entry & realized that it's an ex-boyfriend's birthday. And, yep, he is 30 years old today. Exactly two months from today, one of my very best friends will celebrate the beginning of her thirties. And, then, four months after Sammy has rounded the corner into 31, I will be joining this massive group of thirty somethings. (Remember the TV show?)

For some odd reason, I still feel like I'm 21, hip & cool. (Well, actually, I was probably never very hip & cool, but I sure was 21 once!) I feel like I could walk onto a college campus today & fit right in. I know that is absolutely not the case, but I still feel that way. And, even though I'm completely delusional, I really hope that I feel this way for a long, long time!


SuzyQ007 said...

Hey, Amberly!

I know JUST what you mean! I don't look at all like I did in college (105-110 lbs), but I still feel like I did back then. And I'm FORTY!!! I, too, hope I'll always feel this way. That way we'll be fun wives, fun moms & fun grandmas!

Susan Thomas

PS And I think you're FABULOUSLY

SuzyQ007 said...

WOOPS! That is . . .

I think you're FABULOUSLY hip & cool!

Becky said...

Hey- thanks for the link! At least you were dreaming of fitting in at college, not in high school as I, being a total nut job, was thinking! Turns out- 30 is pretty cool. I can't wait till you get to join the club.

Oh- and you can tell Sammy that I thought he was WAY past 30 by now. Ha! That's kind of mean, but really I did think he was older than that. Am I terrible? I guess he just seems mature.