Wednesday, September 27

Banned Books & Pumpkin Seeds

I just got on the computer a little while ago & saw the following blurb on Yahoo! News:

"Hit List: The 25 Hottest Banned Books"

So, I clicked on the link, expecting to find a list of books that were foul or immoral or bordering on illegal. Instead, what I found was a list of books that are considered "classics". I have read or watched the movie versions of several of these so-called "banned" books and most of them were required reading during my school years! Since when did we start banning classic literature?? It seems so crazy!

The first book listed on this list is the Harry Potter series. I have read the first book in that series & have watched all of the movies. And, I can't wait to read them to my children someday! The fact that they banned this series, however, doesn't surprise me, since there was so much irrational controversy surrounding its release. But, the second book listed is To Kill a Mockingbird. Are you kidding me?!?! According to the article, To Kill a Mockingbird has "been denounced for so-called racial slurs and profanity, and banished from school library shelves". This was quite a shock to me! This book was required reading in my school & I LOVED it! After I read the book, my Dad & I rented the old movie and I loved it, too. (In fact, my Dad always wanted to call me "Scout", but I wasn't crazy about the nickname. He sure did try, though!)

Here is my list of books from the "banned books" list that I have either read or watched in a movie version:

* The Outsiders (watched in my senior English class)
* Lord of the Flies (required reading in school)
* Of Mice and Men (required reading in school)
* The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (required reading in school)
* The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (required reading in school)
* Carrie (watched the TV version at home)
* Flowers for Algernon (required reading at school)
* American Psycho (watched at home & can understand why it's banned... WEIRD!)

If they are banning these classics from our libraries, I wonder what books would be considered "classic literature" nowadays?

Last night, Sammy & I went to Wal-Mart for a late shopping trip. Mom & Dad were at home with the sleeping kiddos, so we had the opportunity to go shopping together... alone! I forgot how fun it was to browse the aisles without kids! And, browse we did! While getting some tortilla chips, I ran across a package of roasted pumpkin seeds. I love pumpkin seeds & was so excited! I'm sure these have always been out on the shelves, but I never had the chance to look so closely at all the varieties of nuts & seeds available. One of my favorite things about carving a pumpkin is digging all the seeds out & roasting them in the oven. I sprinkle a little garlic, a little salt & whatever else looks good at the time & roast 'em up. DELICIOUS!! I can't wait to do it again this year.

Here is a great recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds:

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


Becky said...

I like roasted pumpkin seeds also- but I haven't done it in years. I will try this recipe this year.