Saturday, September 30

Cars & Football

While walking into Wal-Mart the other night, this little remote control car zoomed in front of my feet. I looked up to notice the night security guard was the one controlling it. I guess he had to do something to keep him awake! Anyway, it got me to thinking about something that happened back in college when I was living at home with my parents...

There were a few "punk" boys that lived in our neighborhood. (Well, that's what I thought of them anyway.) One day, they were out driving a remote control car in the middle of the street. I was pulling out of my driveway & heading towards this group of boys & their little car. But, instead of controlling their car out of the street, they decided to push their luck with me. They kept swerving the little car in & out in front of my car. I had slowed way down to give them time to move it, but they continued to "tease" me. And, of course, they were all laughing, thinking it was so funny that they could swerve their car around my tires since I was basically crawling at this point. (I could have walked faster than I was driving!) After a few seconds of this immature behavior, I decided to step on my accelerator & let fate take over. And, yes, I crushed that little remote control car with my tires!! I remember looking in the rearview mirror at their horrified faces & laughing by myself in my car! They looked shocked! It was great! And, I didn't feel bad AT ALL about it... and I still don't!

Last night was Wylie's homecoming, so we decided to attend the Wylie vs. Berkner football game. It was a beautiful night for a game... not too hot, not too cold. However, Wylie got demolished! It was pathetic & embarrassing! At one point, the score was 50 to 14. We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter & as we were walking to our car, Wylie made another touchdown. So, I guess the score changed to 50 to 21. And, I saw in today's paper, that the final score ended up being 50 to 33. So, I guess they stepped it up there at the end... just not enough to make a difference. Those Berkner Rams were really great last night!

But, my very favorite part of last night was watching the homecoming court walk onto the field & listening to the announcer tell about each nominee. I heard phrases like "faithful Christian", "devout Christian", "active in his/her church youth group" and "member of -- church". I thought it was great that these young kids were not afraid to profess their faith in Christ in front of all their peers & thousands of others who attended the game. They just told their entire school & several members of their community what they believe, where their faith lies, who they worship & that they follow certain moral guidelines & standards. Others will now watch them to see what they do & how they handle certain situations. They will be held accountable for their actions because others now know that Jesus is their Savior. That's a big responsibility for these kids & I think they are wonderful for being so bold!


Becky said...

I was laughing outloud picturing you crushing that little car! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Stephanie Carroll said...


That is so funny about the remote control car! I would have been cracking up in the car afterwards! I would have done the same thing.


Lindsay said...

Good Job Amberly - way to crush their car. why would they think that would not happen! I guess for the same reasons Rachel asks why do people do that?!