Wednesday, September 13


Well, we have managed to make this new house our home. The kids are adjusting well to their rooms and Sammy & I are enjoying our room way far away from the kids! Well, actually, there hasn't been a single night yet that one or more of the kids haven't ended up in our bed. But, I promise, as soon as I muster up the strength to walk upstairs in the middle of the night, that will come to an end! In the meantime, it's fun to snuggle in the morning with whoever happened to climb in our bed while we were sleeping.

The weather today has been so wonderful! I LOVE these cool, sunny days! We walked down to a nearby park this morning (which wasn't as nearby as I had originally thought) and played for quite a while. And, I don't think the kids even broke a sweat, which is quite amazing for September in Texas! I sure wish it would stay this way through the fall.

So far, we've had no luck on potty trainig Nick! I don't know what I was thinking. I can't make any of my kids do what I want them to do... no matter how much I beg, bribe or cry! It seems true what they say: "They'll do it when they're ready." What about when I'm ready?!?! (And, who are "they" anyway?)

My "baby" will be two years old on the 23rd! And, he is my last, so this is a bit sad. He's growing up so fast & is such a big boy. He imitates everything his older brother does, which makes it even harder for me to accept because instead of watching Blue's Clues or Sesame Street, he watches Star Wars & Batman. And, not only does he watch them, but he acts it out. His favorite character is Darth Vader, instead of Elmo. He sword fights with his pretend light saber and makes fighting noises while doing it. He's a typical boy... growing up way too fast for me! I sure do miss those infant years!

Hopefully, I'll be blogging a little more continuously now that we have our Internet back up & running. (What did I do before the Internet?)

Time to go catch up on my blog reading...


Becky said...

What a beautiful house! Thanks for posting a photo. Glad to have you back online.

Rachel said...

I'm so happy for you guys that you're in your house and mostly settled. How exciting! It looks like such a great house!