Wednesday, March 1

I LOVE Spring!

Technically, spring may not have arrived just yet, but this weather is certainly acting that way. And, I love it!! We've been outside all morning long & just came inside for a snack. Nicholas said he wanted some "bapples", so he grabbed a tomato out of the fridge & handed it to me. He would have been in for quite a surprise if I had given him a slice of that tomato! Instead, I cut up an apple for the kids. He was so excited about it! (Come to think of it, he gets really excited about most food! He's just like his mommy!)

Which reminds me of another reason I love this season... fruit tastes so much better in the spring & summer. YUM!! I love going to the Farmer's Market & buying my produce there this time of year. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. When I was pregnant with Nicholas, my biggest craving was homegrown, vine-ripe tomatoes. I didn't like the leathery kind they sell in the grocery stores. It had to be blood red & sweet. My mom has a friend back home that grew tomatoes in his garden & he sent some up my way to help satisfy my craving. When I ran out of those (it only took about a day!), I went to the Farmer's Market in Plano & stocked up there. And, I made several more visits that summer! I ate TONS of tomatoes covered in salt! They were delicious!

Hmmmm... now that I'm remembering that, maybe that's why Nicholas handed me the tomato in the fridge. Maybe he would have liked it after all.