Tuesday, March 21

Tea Party

Sydney got her very first tea party set last night. I'm pretty sure most little girls have already had several tea parties by the age of 4, but Sydney is just now catching up. We had a tea party last night before bedtime & even conned Daddy & Samuel to join in. (The pretend cake & donut was really what lured them in!) It's cute to watch her, because she is really enjoying serving us tea in the pretty little cups. She holds the cups & plates so carefully & daintily. (Is "daintily" even a word??) And, she turns into such a "girly" girl when she serves us... talking in a sweet, high pitched voice & being so gentle with everything. I love the toys that entice kids to use their imaginations & this tea set has definitely accomplished that.

I can't wait for our next tea party after school today!