Friday, March 17

Life on the Farm

We're spending a few days at Mimi & Papa's house while Sammy is filming a basketball festival in Belton. The kids are having a blast & getting dirtier than they have ever been in their short life! Papa scattered corn to entice the wild turkey to come close to the house, but three kids & 2 dogs were a little too noisy for that this morning. (These turkeys get spooked easily!) So, they are anxiously awaiting to see the turkeys in the morning. We walked up & down the farm road... got tangled in dangling spider webs... watched buzzards chowing down on some poor, deceased creature... waved at a dump truck that passed by a few times and threw dust in our faces... and swung on the swings hanging from the oak trees.

I know this area needs rain desperately, but the kids were glad that the threatening clouds did not produce any today. Wait until we leave & then let the rain come!

This farm life suits us all very well! Sure wish we could live closer, but we'll just have to make the most of our visits to the farm!