Friday, March 17

Four Years Ago...

Four years ago today, I was spending my very first day at home with the twins, Sydney & Samuel. They turned 4 on Sunday, March 12, and I can hardly believe it! How can it already have been that long ago? I remember the feeling of shock when I found out I was pregnant with 2 precious babies... and then the feeling of sheer joy & excitement when it was discovered I was carrying a boy and a girl. That was about 4 years and 4 months ago. And, I vividly remember the sonographer carefully studying the screen of the Level 2 sonogram on March 11th. He was very silent and very somber. He tried "buzzing" Samuel several times with his little vibrator instrument to get Samuel to move or respond. He turned me over on one side, then the other. He buzzed some more. He studied the screen. He pushed on Samuel with both hands. Then, he finally turned to Sammy & I and said, "I think we should go ahead and get them out." HUH?!? Like today?? I was totally unprepared for that! But, I was so ready to meet my sweet babies... and to not look like a beached whale anymore! Turns out, Miss Piggy Sydney was sucking all the nourishment away from Samuel. To this day, she can out-eat him in just about anything! So, after 24 hours of labor, we met Sydney & Samuel. Sydney arrived first after a few easy pushes & then Samuel decided it would be fun to join the Cirque du Soleil in utero! He flipped around and caused us quite a scare. When his little heartrate plummeted, the docs decided a C-section would be safer for all involved. So, 25 minutes later, Samuel decided to grace us with his presence.

And, that was all 4 years ago! WOW! These have been absolutely the best 4 years of my life!!